The most important phase of your project is getting the product you purchased installed correctly. Dreamstyle prides itself on having on staff some of the best installation teams in our industry. All of our installation team members have been factory trained to assure your products are installed to factory specifications each and every time. This assures years of serviceability. You can be assured your product will meet your daily demands.

Here is what you can expect from Dreamstyle to keep our promise of expert installation:

  • We attached all our lattice covers to your home by using a solid wood beam encased in an aluminum hollow beam to color match your cover. It is securely attached to the studs of your outside wall to ensure a solid connection.
  • The attachment is always flashed under the felt paper, not just under your shingles. This creates weatherproof installation for years of no maintenance, worry free construction.
  • We always use a steel beam with a color coordinated sleeve for added strength and extended serviceability.
  • All attachments are pre-drilled for a clean application of the fasteners.
  • All attachments at the base are concealed inside the post base connector for a clean look. No rough edges or fasteners are ever left exposed.
  • All installations that require a footing are restored to the existing conditions and appearance for a professional completed job.
  • We use composite end caps, or corbels covers, for years of fade resistant service.
  • If you are replacing an existing cover, we will do the demolition, cart all the debris away and most installations can be completed in just one day.
  • All of our installers are employees of Dreamstyle. We do not use subcontractors. You are assured of a cover that meets our strict standards.